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A Dentist’s Secret: Preventing Bone Loss is Far Easier than Rebuilding Lost Bone Later

At Lakeshore Dental Specialists in Detroit socket grafting is offered by our highly skilled dentists can prevent bone loss after tooth extractions. The purpose of socket grafting is to make dental implants more effective and provide better structure to your teeth.

If you are having a tooth removed, the most important thing your dentist can do is preserve the existing bone that once supported your tooth. The moment your tooth is extracted, your bony tissue starts to wither away. Severe bone damage can occur over time, making dental implant placement impossible without undergoing bone regeneration.

You can save yourself the hassle and retain the health of your jawbone with a socket graft. This revolutionary procedure is done at the same time as your tooth extraction, so you can spend less time in the dentist’s chair. Our team looks forward to seeing your smile, but we understand you’d rather spend more time out in the world, enjoying all life has to offer.

We strive to provide you with the best socket grafting Detroit has to offer. That’s why our Detroit dentists pride themselves on impeccable workmanship backed by the latest dental technology so you can have a healthy, functional smile for a lifetime.

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Dental socket grafting Detroit

Immediately after your tooth extraction, our dentists will pack your socket with a bone-like material. A small absorbable plug or membrane keeps the material intact until you are ready to receive a dental implant.

Benefits of Socket Grafting at Lakeshore Dental

Our dentists perform socket grafting regularly, so you can feel confident that you will receive an expert level of care. That’s the Lakeshore Dental difference.

Your newly grafted material provides immediate support to the tissue surrounding your socket. In time, a new bone starts to grow and takes its place. This is part of your body’s natural healing process. This bone provides excellent support should you choose to have an implant-supported tooth replacement at Lakeshore Dental later.

With socket preservation, you can choose to wait up to six months before receiving a dental implant if you wish. Socket grafting provides long-lasting support to preserve your jawbone. Although the bone created through a socket graft retains the integrity of your bone, it will not last forever.

Our dentists recommend placing a dental implant within four to six months after your procedure. Otherwise, your graft may shrink or resorb over time.

If you are ready to receive an implant the same day as your tooth extraction, our dentists can certainly do that for you. For same-day procedures, our dentists may perform socket grafting to fill small gaps in your bone. This ensures your dental implant is securely held in place. With proper care, our durable titanium implants can last a lifetime.

The Socket Grafting Procedure

At Lakeshore Dental in Detroit socket grafting procedure looks like this:

  • Tooth extraction
  • Curettage
  • Filling your socket with bone-graft material
  • A collagen membrane allows your bony tissue to regenerate without being disturbed
  • The membrane is carefully sutured in place.
  • Next, our dentists place a temporary tooth to fill in your missing tooth
  • Our temporary teeth are designed to fit well with your existing smile until you are ready to have your final dental implant placed
Detroit socket grafting

What to Expect During Your Socket Grafting Recovery

Our gentle dentists strive to make your socket grafting procedure as painless as possible. Afterward, you will go home with simple aftercare instructions. If you have any questions during recovery, you may contact our office.

The socket graft needs time to stabilize. To prevent damaging the initial clot that forms after your surgery, avoid hot beverages and drinking through a straw. Avoiding spitting or rinsing for the first day or two.

When your bone heals, you may come in to have your final dental implant placed. It is best to come see your Lakeshore dentist within four to six months for a tooth replacement in Detroit. At your appointment, your gingival cover is removed and your socket is prepared for a sturdy titanium dental implant and crown.

Your Socket Grafting Results

Almost immediately, your body starts a repair process to build strong, healthy bone that will replace the grafted material. Once your bone heals, you may come for your final implant placement. This should take place within four to six months after socket grafting in Detroit.

At your appointment, your gingival cover is removed and your socket is prepared for a sturdy titanium dental implant and crown. Our titanium implant posts never need replacing in most cases. You can protect your investment with bi-annual dental visits at Lakeshore Dental.

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If you are having a tooth extracted, it is in your best interest to come speak to the dental professionals at Lakeshore Dental Specialists in Detroit.

Our dentists do more than remove teeth; They ensure you retain the healthy bone you will need to have a successful dental implant placement later.

Call our office today to explore your options and learn what socket grafting can do for you. At Lakeshore Dental Specialists, we believe that everyone in Detroit deserves to reap the rewards of a healthy and attractive smile.

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