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The alveolar bone is a special type of bone surrounding your teeth that supports your teeth. Once a tooth is extracted, it begins to shrink. Socket grafting preserves your bone for future implant placement.

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Socket grafting can provide long-lasting support for preserving your jawbone and provide a normal function.

Can my bone be preserved?

There are two important phases in retaining your alveolar ridge during and after the tooth extraction.

First, our dental specialist will use the most careful techniques to extract your tooth and preserve as much of your bone as possible. If the socket walls are too thin after extraction, we perform socket preservation and the addition of bone replacement material to the extraction socket and slow down the shrinkage process. It gives you the best chance to have adequate bone for a future dental implant in the area.

Socket Grafting Patient Detroit

If one of your teeth needs to be extracted, we will review with you all of the different options for the replacement of bone support and bone contour for the best function and esthetics. We strive to provide you with the best socket grafting Detroit has to offer, so contact us today for your procedure.

Why is it important to preserve my bones?

Preserving as much of your bone can be crucial when dealing with dental implants, fixed bridges, or dentures. Dental Implants are root-shaped supports that hold your replacement teeth. The more bone support you have, the stronger the implant replacements will be. Your bone can degenerate to the point where you need a complex bone graft procedure to rebuild the necessary support. Preventing bone loss is much easier than rebuilding lost bone.

Fixed Bridge is a restoration that is supported by the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth space. Called a pontic, the replacement tooth fills the space. When the bone is deficient, there can be an unsightly gap under the pontic that traps food and can affect your speech. Adding a bone graft of soft tissue to the areas cleans and improves its appearance. Removable partial or complete dentures are more stable with supporting bone and can perform better.

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