Wisdom teeth Extraction in Detroit

Wisdom teeth usually do not fully emerge or push at an angle and can cause major oral problems, including damaging the second molars. Surgery becomes more complicated the longer one waits to have wisdom teeth removed.

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If you are comparing wisdom teeth removal, Detroit has many options. At ourDetroit dental office, we care about taking care of our patients and their oral health. That's why we work hard to provide you with the best wisdom tooth extraction Detroit has to offer, so call today.

What is the recovery from a wisdom teeth procedure?

Everyone recovers differently but most patients take about a week. There are many things you can do for an effective and speedy recovery:

  • Do not use a straw, sip on water instead.
  • Do not swish, gulp or spit; that can lead to a dry socket
  • Do not blow
  • Keep your head elevated for a few days
  • Avoid brushing your teeth for a few days after your surgery
  • Use an ice pack on the outside of your cheeks
  • No solid foods for at least 24 hours following your procedure
  • No smoking (another factor that causes a dry socket)
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  • Smoothies or broth are great options for a few days, but make sure they are lukewarm and not too cold
  • Avoid chewing for as long as possible. Soft foods like pasta and yogurt are great choices
  • This is a time to rest, not to be involved in strenuous exercises
Wisdom Teeth Extraction Patient Detroit

When wisdom teeth are poorly aligned they can damage adjacent teeth and the jawbone.

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