Crown Lengthening in Detroit

Have you ever wondered if your teeth are too small or your gum shows too much? You are not alone! You can correct your “gummy smile” with aesthetic crown lengthening.

Some teeth can appear short or square and be covered up by too much gum tissue. The gum line can be repositioned to expose the full contour of your natural tooth and give you an immediate and dramatic improvement in your smile! Your new crown fits over your natural tooth for structural reasons if your tooth has broken off, become cracked, or as part of another procedure such as dental implants and root canals.

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Crown Lengthening Patient Detroit

At Lakeshore Dental Specialists in Detroit, we care about prevention and provide the very best in oral health to deal with existing issues or avoid future conditions.

What are the benefits of a functional crown lengthening?

There are several benefits of a functional crown lengthening, including:

  • Possible instant results
  • Short healing time with minimal discomfort
  • Improved appearance of your teeth, look less like short, baby teeth
  • A more symmetric, attractive, and harmonious smile
  • Self-confidence when you smile in social settings
  • Improved periodontal health
Crown Lengthening Patient Detroit

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