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Our Doctors Can Help You, No Matter What Kind of Dental Emergency You are Experiencing

The best way to keep your smile healthy is with a dental checkup every six months. However, there comes a time when you might have a dental emergency that requires immediate assistance.

If you find yourself having a dental emergency in Detroit, your first phone call should be to Lakeshore Dental Specialists. Our Detroit emergency dentists are ready to help, no matter what kind of problem you are having with your teeth. Our highly experienced Detroit emergency dentists will ensure you have an excellent outcome, regardless of the emergency dental situation you are facing.

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Emergency Dentist Detroit

What to do if you lose a tooth.

the emergency dentistry pros at Lakeshore Dental Specialists will do everything we can to save your tooth and reattach it. However, you can take a few steps on your way to us that will improve your odds. If you’re dealing with a tooth that has come out, you should take the following steps:

Step One: Keep calm. If you have someone nearby helping you, have them contact us at (586) 777-0260 to help guide you through the process and try and save your tooth.

Step Two: Locate the tooth. Once you find it, be sure to grab it by the white portion of the tooth and avoid touching the root if possible.

Step Three: If your tooth is cracked, chipped, or broken, try to find the pieces of the tooth. In some cases, we can use those and attempt to restore the tooth.

Step Four: Clean the tooth. To do this, rinse the tooth gently with cool water for no more than 10 seconds. Do not use soap or other cleaning products.

Step Five: Gently place the tooth gently back in position if possible. Then, bite on a handkerchief or clean towel to keep the tooth in position on your way to our office.

Step Six: If you cannot place the tooth back in position, store it in cold milk if possible. Avoid storing the tooth in water. If no milk is available, place the tooth back in your mouth, inside the lip or cheek. Take care not to swallow the tooth!

Step Seven: If someone else hasn’t done it already, contact us immediately to schedule emergency dental care.

If you are unsure of whether your dental issue is an emergency, don’t hesitate to call our office and a team member will be glad to advise you.

Benefits of Emergency Dentistry

When you are having a dental emergency, it is in your best interest to seek prompt treatment. Waiting to see a doctor can make matters worse, or prolong your recovery time. Lakeshore Dental Specialists in Detroit makes it easy to see a qualified dentist when you can’t wait days or weeks.

Our doctors understand that a sudden dental problem can be extremely painful or cause a major disruption to your day. Just because you are having an emergency, it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the quality of your care. It is our mission to make sure you have access to the most qualified dentists in Detroit for all your emergency dental needs.

The Emergency Dental Visit Procedure

It can be frightening to have an unexpected dental emergency. That is where the highly trained doctors at Lakeshore Dental come to the rescue.

After examining your teeth (and performing X-rays, if needed), our dentists take swift action to correct your dental concern. In most cases, our dentists can perform emergency procedures on the same day. For example, you might need oral surgery or a temporary replacement for a chipped tooth. We offer nearly every dental procedure you might need in an emergency situation, including extractions, missing teeth repair, dental implants, and more.

Emergency Dentist in Detroit

What to Expect During Your Emergency Dental Recovery

Our dentists offer comprehensive care both during and after your visit. Your recovery can vary considerably depending on the reason for your visit. At Lakeshore Dental Specialists, we aim to ensure you know exactly what to expect as you heal. If you have any questions during your recovery, call our office for assistance.

Possible Outcomes

Our dental specialists will attempt to preserve your existing smile and solve your emergency with minimal intervention whenever possible. Your mouth has incredible regenerative properties, and the dentists at Lakeshore Dental Specialists know how to help maximize your body’s ability to help you recover. If you lose a tooth, we can often reattach a tooth to your gums and preserve it.

If you chip or crack a tooth, there are times where we can use our emergency dental techniques to keep your tooth together without the need for an extraction. We can set a broken jaw and make sure it heals in a way that preserves the form and function of your smile. If we cannot save your tooth, we offer various cosmetic dentistry options to help you restore your smile following a dental emergency. These procedures range from single implants to a complete arch restoration.

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Call Now to Speak with a Dental Emergency Specialist in Detroit

At Lakeshore Dental, our Detroit dental specialists have decades of experience in multiple facets of dentistry, including emergency dental care. Our team is standing by to help, no matter what kind of dental problem arises for you or your loved ones. You can rely on their expertise and calm demeanor to quickly assess the situation and competently address it. For immediate assistance for all your emergency dental needs, call Lakeshore Dental Specialists today at (586) 777-0260

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