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Deep sleep is recommended for patients who are anxious, nervous or undergoing a serious procedure.

Deep sleep means exactly that: you are asleep during your actual surgery. It is especially useful for anxious patients. Some patients avoid visiting their dentists for fear of pain or due to a previous bad experience. Trust our top Detroit dentists for one of the best sedation dentistry Detroit has to offer. We care about our patients and make sure you feel comfortable during your visit with us.

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Deep Sleep Sedation Dentistry Detroit

Types of deep sleep

There are different types of sleep sedation available to you depending on your specific needs and the procedures you will undergo. Mild sedation will leave you fully awake, but relaxed. Moderate sedation can have you drift in and out of consciousness while deep sedation will bring you at or near unconsciousness. With general anesthesia, you are completely unconscious during your procedure.

Also known as laughing gas, this sedation uses a nose apparatus through which you breathe gas. The effect is fast, within a minute, but wears off soon. For many people, nitrous oxide is enough to get them through their procedure. Patients can drive home afterward since it quickly wears off.

With this option, you take a prescribed dose of sedative the night before your procedure and on the day of your surgery. Your dentist will discuss what is best for you. You will be awake but feel relaxed and sleepy, which is ideal for any patient with anxiety about her procedure. In most cases, patients do not remember much of the actual surgery. You will likely still feel the effects of the sedation so it is best to have someone drive you home afterward.

There are a couple of main choices when it comes to IV sedation. The first alternative is when you are conscious but not really awake either. In other words, you are not aware of what is going during your surgery. You generally feel very sleepy but not unconscious.

Your dentist can wake you up at any time. General anesthesia is also available but not used much because you are completely unconscious during your procedure. It is usually reserved for serious oral surgery as the effects of the anesthesia take a while to wear off or be reversed with medication.We will discuss with you what deep sleep sedation will work best for you according to the procedure you need to get done. The goal is to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

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How can I have deep sleep?

Anyone is eligible to receive some form of sedation dentistry to help them deal with feelings of apprehension when taking care of their dental health.

It helps patients with low pain thresholds, a bad gag reflex or very sensitive teeth. Even children can be given sedation with the use of nitrous oxide, a safe choice for those under 8. Deep sleep is recommended when there is a large amount of dental work required.

Deep Sleep Sedation Dentistry Detroit

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