Gingivectomy in Detroit

If You Have Enlarged Gums, It Could Be a Sign of Gum Disease

If you notice your gum line appears uneven, you could have gingival enlargement. This happens when your gums grow up and over the visible portion of your tooth. The problem is more than cosmetic. Gingival hyperplasia may be an early warning sign of gum disease.

It is important to seek treatment before the problem worsens. Left untreated, gingival disease can cause serious problems such as tooth loss, stroke, or heart attack.

At Lakeshore Dental Specialists, our Detroit dentists can easily detect and treat gum enlargement with a gingivectomy. We strive to provide you with the best gingivectomy Detroit has to offer, with the use of the latest gum reshaping technology to make the procedure quick and comfortable. With your gums resected and properly cleaned, you will instantly have a more attractive and healthy smile.

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Gingivectomy Detroit

The goal of a gingivectomy is to remove the excess gum tissue, which eliminates the pocket between your teeth and gums. At Lakeshore Dental Specialists, our doctors are gum reshaping experts. Our office is equipped with the latest laser technology to make your gingivectomy quick and comfortable.

Who is a Candidate for the Gingivectomy Procedure?

A gingivectomy is necessary if your gums have grown over the crown of your tooth, creating tight pockets that make it hard to clean plaque.

The gingivectomy procedure is usually done before gum disease has progressed to damage the bone that supports your teeth. Common signs and symptoms of gingival enlargement include:

  • Visibly enlarged gums
  • Uneven gum line
  • Teeth that appear smaller than usual due to excess gum tissue
  • Swelling and tenderness
  • Changes in gum color
  • Foul breath
  • Plaque buildup under the gum line

The dental experts at Lakeshore Dental Specialists will perform a visual oral examination to detect enlarged gums. If treatment is necessary, they will come up with a treatment plan just for you.

Gingivectomy in Detroit

Benefits of a Gingivectomy

A gingivectomy at Lakeshore Dental Specialists can significantly improve the health and appearance of your smile. The earlier gingival enlargement is detected, the better. When it is caught early, a gingivectomy may spare you from tooth loss.

The procedure puts a stop to gum disease —a serious dental problem that affects nearly 48% of adults aged 30 and older. Gum disease is progressive. It may not only result in eventual tooth loss, but it also raises your risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke if left untreated.

Once your gingival overgrowth is corrected at Lakeshore Dental Specialists, all these risks decrease. Your teeth will become easier to clean. Your smile will look better. Your gum line will appear more even. Who knew such a simple procedure could provide so many benefits!

The Gingivectomy Procedure

At Lakeshore Dental Specialists, our dentists are skilled in the detection and treatment of gingival disease. Our doctors go the extra mile to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.

A gingivectomy is a simple procedure. It involves removing and shaping your excess gum tissue. After injecting local anesthetic to numb the area, our dentists gently scale back your enlarged gum tissue with a laser tool or scalpel. A suction tool is placed in your mouth to collect any saliva. The procedure is minimally painful and takes just a few minutes to perform.

With your gingival overgrowth removed, any plaque or calculus that is hiding beneath your gum line is exposed. Our dentists will clean away any debris, instantly lowering your risk of worsening gum disease. In some cases, gingival enlargement accompanies other forms of gum disease. If this is the case, two phases of treatment may be necessary.

In the first phase, our dentists take action to get your gum disease under control. This may involve procedures such as tooth scaling or root planning. In the second phase of treatment, our dentists perform a gingivectomy to remove your excessive gum tissue.

Gingivectomy Detroit

What to Expect During Your Gingivectomy Recovery

It takes one to two weeks to fully recover from a gingivectomy. During this time, your gums may feel slightly tender or inflamed. You may apply an ice pack for 15 minutes as needed during the first two days to ease swelling.

In the first day or two, you may also have a small amount of bleeding. Your dentist may ask you to avoid rinsing your mouth for the first 24 hours. You will also likely notice increased gum sensitivity, so it is best to avoid consuming hot or cold food and drinks for the first 48 hours. If you have any questions during recovery, you may contact our office.

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