Oral Pathology in Detroit

There are many diseases that can affect the mouth and jaw areas.

You may experience symptoms such as bleeding throat, consistent chewing pain, chronic dry mouth, persistent oral infection, ulcers in the mouth, and white blotches in the throat. At Lakeshore Dental Specialists in Detroit oral pathology takes care of these types of diseases that impact your oral and maxillofacial regions. It can involve not only the teeth but also the gums, salivary glands, supporting bones, and tongue.

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Conditions treated by an oral pathologist

Oral pathologists have the training and experience to treat conditions such as benign tumors of the jawbone or salivary glands, bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (BRONJ), melanoma, red and white lesions, skin cancer, and ulcerations in the oral cavity. Sometimes, these diseases can spread to the neck and head areas.

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, almost 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. Oral cancer can seriously affect your lips, mouth, tongue, and throat but is often preventable if caught early. Be aware of any unusual lump or sore in your mouth as possible signs. Being diagnosed early improves your likelihood of successful treatment. Heavy smokers and drinkers are most vulnerable to oral cancers.

Benign and malignant cysts and lesions can occur in your oral cavity and jaw. They can invade soft tissue areas such as lymph, mucosa, muscle, nerves, and salivary glands and hard tissue like a bone (mandible and maxilla) and teeth. Cysts and lesions can be caused by alcohol, infection, genetics, tobacco, trauma or environmental issues.

Your Detroit dental specialist at Lakeshore Dental will thoroughly examine your mouth and, if necessary, take biopsies. To determine your diagnosis, imaging tests like a CT scan may be required to provide in-depth information on your specific condition. The goal is to prevent any issue from worsening and treat the cause as soon as possible.

What to watch for oral diseases

Here are some of the symptoms to be aware of, especially if they continue for more than a short period of time:

  • Are you having difficulty chewing your food?
  • Is swallowing painful?
  • Do your teeth feel different in how they fit together?
  • Have you noticed red or white patches in your mouth that will not go away?
  • Have you had a sore for a while?
  • Are you experiencing numbness on your lips or in your mouth?
  • Are there unusual lumps in your mouth?
  • Do your gums differ in their appearance meaning not normal pink and smooth?
  • Do you have lesions that bleed easily and not healing properly?
  • Are you affected by a consistent sore throat?
Oral Pathology Patient Detroit

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