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Dental Implants in Warren, MI

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Hour top dentists detroit logo top 25 women in dentisty logo 40 under 40 logo academy of general dentistry logo board of periodontolodgy logo michigan dental association logo mpa logo Hour top dentists detroit logo top 25 women in dentisty logo 40 under 40 logo academy of general dentistry logo board of periodontolodgy logo michigan dental association logo mpa logo

Your New Smile Is Waiting For You

Many patients have questions about dental implants when considering this procedure. Are dental implants safe? Will they look like natural teeth? With modern advances in dental implant technology, there are many ways to achieve a bright, natural-looking, permanently renewed smile with little to no risk.

Dental Implants at Lakeshore Dental Implant Specialists

We truly are the elite specialists for dental implants, and the surrounding area at Lakeshore Dental Implant Specialists. We strive to provide our patients with comprehensive dental care and provide the best possible dental implant experience in a comfortable and professional environment.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a dental technology that can be used to replace either a single tooth or many teeth at a time. They are typically permanent or very long-lasting and look just like natural teeth. Usually, our Warren dental implants consist of two separate parts: the post, which goes into the gum and jaw, and the cap or crown, which is attached on top.

Type of Implants

Many different types of implants can be utilized depending on the patient's specific needs. Needing a single implant, multiple, or the entire upper or lower set may determine the variety of implants used. Certain types of implants also require more intact jawbone than others.

Zygomatic Dental Implants: These implants are useful when a patient has significant bone loss and needs implants in the upper jaw. Since they are anchored deep up into the cheekbone, they can be a good option when standard implants are not.

All-On-4 Implants: This innovative method includes a full set of both upper and lower teeth that can be replaced and mounted using only four jaw implants. For many patients, the full implant process can be completed in just 24 hours, which is why it is sometimes referred to as "Teeth-in-a-Day".

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What can Dental Implants do for me?

Living with missing or decayed teeth can be a struggle and affect your confidence, ability to eat certain foods, and oral hygiene. Dental implants can greatly improve your overall quality of life and give you:

  • A clean, beautiful smile
  • Functional and healthy teeth and gums
  • More confidence in your day-to-day interactions
  • Improved jaw bone health

Dental Implants Candidates

Our implant patients come to us at all stages in their dental health journey. While the sooner you address missing teeth or decay, the better, it is still possible to find a solution even if the problem seems extreme.

Consultation and Preparation

Preparing for implants may be as simple as extractions or require treatments such as sinus lifts, bone regeneration, or socket grafting. During your consultation for dental implants Warren implant specialists at Lakeshore Dental will get to know your goals and discuss your dental implant options before creating a comprehensive treatment plan to meet your needs.

Dental Implant Recovery and Aftercare

In most cases, recovery from receiving dental implants requires a few days of rest, and you may experience discomfort or soreness in the mouth and jaw. We recommend waiting at least a week to eat harder foods and a few weeks for sticky foods. The better the healing process, the more chances of success. Our office is here for patients during recovery and is happy to address any concerns.

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Why Lakeshore Dental Implant Specialists?

Get everything you need in one location through our comprehensive staff at Lakeshore Dental, serving Warren, MI patients. Our team of highly educated, trained, and skilled dental specialists can address any need, from dental emergencies to routine preventative care, all in a single, seamless experience.

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Schedule your Warren, MI, Dental Implants consultation at Lakeshore Dental Implant Specialists Today.

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Dental Implant FAQs

We do everything to ensure comfort during your procedure, including using local anesthetic. Some sensitivity may occur after a dental implant, but it should be easily managed with OTC painkillers.

With experienced dentists, serious risks with implants are rare. Minor side effects could include bleeding, swelling, or gum infection.

In many cases and with ongoing, proper care, dental implants can last decades or be permanent.

Yes, innovations in dental technology and techniques have greatly improved the look and feel of dental implants so that they appear and function just like natural teeth.

The cost of dental implants will vary by patient, depending on their particular dental needs. To ensure each patient receives accurate dental implant cost information, we will cover pricing and financing options in detail at a consultation.

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